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Veterans UK website moves to GOV.UK

The move is taking place as part of the government's new web strategy to bring everything together in one place. After 9 December 2014 the existing Veterans UK website will be archived, but users don't need to worry because a redirect will be put in place to ensure any saved links or website addresses will automatically take people to the new information on GOV.UK, or the archived pages.

The GOV.UK website has been created to improve public access to government services by putting them all onto one website. Veterans UK will be one of the 361 other government departments and organisations that have already moved across.

By migrating the Veterans UK website across to GOV.UK, Veterans UK will be in a much better position to improve services for veterans.  For example, we hope that in the future, claims for services such as the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS), Armed Forces Pensions Scheme (AFPS) and War Pension Scheme (WPS) will be possible online as part of this initiative.

The GOV.UK site will also improve the visibility of veterans information to a much wider audience and will ensure all content meets the highest standards of accessibility for disabled users.

What will change?

Because veterans are recognised as a unique part of the community,  Veterans UK will have its own unique url/web address as mentioned above: www.GOV.UK/veterans-uk. This allows users to access content directly, instead of going through the GOV.UK homepage. This will effectively make navigation of our new pages easier, which we hope will lead to a more positive experience for the customer.

As the Veterans UK website migrates across to GOV.UK our charity hub information will be archived. We are working with our charity partners to develop an alternative source of information about veterans charities but in the meantime, our existing hub will still be available via the archived pages. Again, saved links and 'favourites' will direct to those pages in the meantime.

You will also notice that information currently on the Veterans UK website will have been re-written to reflect the style used on the GOV.UK website. Again, this will be done to improve accessibility and ease of reading and uses a style based on significant research and testing with users. This will not impact on the meaning of information in any way but hopefully makes the information clearer.

For further information please email or call the Veterans UK helpline on 0808 1914218.

The new website address for Veterans UK is


16 November 2014

0800 169 2942

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