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Trustee's expenses

Expenses may be claimed for attending business meetings and for representing the RAF Widows Association at official functions.

If it is necessary to stay overnight in a hotel in order to attend official business then bed and breakfast plus an evening meal, if necessary, may be claimed up to a maximum of £200 inclusive.  Other reasonable meals may be claimed when lengthy travel is undertaken up to a maximum of £30 per day.

Rail travel will be reimbursed in full.  It is expected that an advance ticket will be purchased using an appropriate railcard.

Mileage for car travel will be paid at 40p per mile and car parking may be claimed.

Where a taxi is required the cost of this may also be claimed.

Postage will be reimbursed.

Point of Contact expenses

Where a PoC attends meetings that are relevant to the Association and claims expenses then a report of the meeting needs to be sent to the Chair.  An amount of £100 will be made available per region for the PoC to use for items such as flowers and cards for members.  This will be claimed in the usual way.  Where the £10 annual subsidy is being claimed for members to attend social events then the members must be named on the claim form.

Members' expenses

These may be claimed for attending the AGM and Spring Meeting, in accordance with the information on the booking form, and also for attending training days organised by the Association.

Rail travel will be reimbursed in full. It is expected that an advance ticket will be purchased using an appropriate rail card.

Mileage for car travel will be paid at 25p per mile.

All claims must be submitted on the appropriate form and all receipts and bills must be attached.  All claims must be made within 3 months.

If there is a situation not covered by this policy then please speak to the Chair.

Data protection policy

All personal information regarding Association must be kept in a secure manner. The Association will only store on a database information relating to a member’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The laptops used for this are the property of the Association and must be used only for Association business.

The equipment must be password protected and the password changed from time to time. Paperbased information is kept as above and also includes recent member’s applications to join the Association. This may include the names and ages of any children. Such information must also be kept securely.

The Association will not share this information with any other agency without the permission of the member. The members are required to confirm the manner in which they wish to be contacted.

Should a breach of security occur and the information be lost the Data Controller – currently the Chair – must be notified immediately. The cause of loss will be investigated and any necessary measures taken to ensure such a breach does not occur in future. Any members affected must be informed. A backup file of the information will have been kept and this will be accessed in order to restore the information.

A member has the right to request that their information be deleted from the records and such request must be actioned as soon as possible. The members must be contacted every five years with a request to refresh their contact details. The information relating to any members who do not respond will be archived for one year after which time the information will be deleted.

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