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A message from the Chair

A message from the Chair of the RAF Widows' Association – Jane Lloyd.

I was widowed in 2010 when my husband died as a result of injuries sustained in a road traffic accident. He was serving on 20 Squadron at the time and we had been married for 42 years. I have two adult daughters. Both are married and both sons-in-law have an RAF background. My eldest son-in-law is still serving.

I joined the RAF Widows' Association soon after my husband's death not really knowing what to expect but found an open and friendly group of ladies who were supportive and understood my background. I attended my first Spring Meeting at Durham and as well as enjoying the activities on offer I had the opportunity of making new friends. Since then I have attended other activities and those friendships have deepened.

I began to realise the benefit of being part of the Association and when I was asked if I would consider being a Trustee I couldn’t think of a good reason to refuse. I feel I have been privileged to be able to give something back to an organisation that has helped me adjust to my new circumstances.

All of us in the Association have one thing in common, we have been bereaved through a death in service but although we share this sadness in our lives we are committed to helping one another get back on our feet. We have fun, we laugh and we also cry. There is no other group of people in my life who are so accepting and understanding of the fact that I am widowed and who are determined to make the best of a bad job.

Jane Lloyd

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