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Remember the fallen. Stand with our RAF Family.



Remember the fallen. Stand with our RAF Family.


Remember the fallen. Stand with our RAF Family.

How your support helps

Your gift will make a real difference to the remarkable men and women who have proudly worn the RAF uniform, and their families, and now find themselves in need. Thank you.

A token of thanks

As a token of our sincere thanks for your donation, we will send you an RAF Benevolent Fund pin badge as a symbol of your support for the RAF Family. We hope you wear it with pride during this Remembrance.

Our pin badges retail at £1.49 on the RAF Benevolent Fund’s online shop, plus postage and packing. We kindly ask for a minimum donation of £3 to cover the cost of the pin badge, postage and packing, with the rest going towards helping RAF families in need. Thank you. (Please allow 5 to 7 working days for your pin badge to arrive). 

Prefer to donate over the phone? 

If you would prefer to donate over the phone, just call 020 7580 8343 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm) and one of the team will be happy to help.


"They christened me 'Fingers' because I had none!"

World War Two veteran Alan Morgan was due to arrive home after a raid over Germany on his 21st birthday to a surprise party that his wife-to-be Ella had arranged. Instead, he ended up in hospital where he had to have his fingers amputated.

Al​an was a flight engineer on board a Lancaster bomber with No. 49 Squadron. During the raid flak caused the main door to fly open, resulting in a drop in temperature and air pressure.

Alan recalls: "It was minus 45 degrees outside and I whipped my gloves off to see to the wireless operator, Frank, whose oxygen bottle was faulty and had passed out."

The freezing temperature left Alan with severely frostbitten fingers and the aircraft made an emergency landing for Alan to be taken to Chichester Hospital. Back in England he was treated by the renowned plastic surgeon Archibald McIndoe, who managed to save his hands but unfortunately Alan had to have eight fingers amputated.

From that day, Alan became part of The Guinea Pig Club, something he has always been proud of. He says: "It was a home from home. It wasn't a hospital, it was great. They christened me 'Fingers Morgan' because I had none! I'm proud to be in The Guinea Pig Club."

A few years ago, the RAF Benevolent Fund were proud to support Alan and Ella, providing a scooter to help him get out and about and turning the couple's bathroom into an easily accessible wet room.

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