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One Heart Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring edition of One Heart (PDF 2.5MB), the RAF Benevolent Fund's supporter newsletter. Inside you will meet a few of the many faces of the RAF Family and find out how your wonderful support has helped them in their times of need.

Overcoming the odds

Read about Second World War Pilot Eric Carter's daring exploits and the special mission he was ordered on in 1941. Now 101 years old Eric needed help to live independently. The Fund stepped in with support from a live in carer so he could stay in his own home.

Read about Eric's secret mission (PDF 2.5MB)

Caring for our own

When the pandemic hit isolated veterans needed support more than ever and social contact was a top priority for them. Enter the Grandpad project, which helped veterans stay on contact with loved ones.

Read how we're using technology to support isolated veterans (PDF 2.5MB)

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One Heat Spring 2021 newsletter