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A lifelong lifeline for the RAF Family

Storylines is brought to you by the RAF Benevolent Fund, the RAF’s leading welfare charity.

We exist with the sole intention of repaying the debt we owe to those who have so valiantly served our country. For 100 years, we have faithfully supported RAF Family members through every adversity they face – be it loneliness in old age, emotional trauma following active service, or a little financial assistance during those tough times.

The RAF's Oldest Friend 

Since 1919, the RAF Benevolent Fund has proudly supported RAF veterans, serving personnel, and their families, through every battle they face – whether it is fought out in the field or close to home, early on in life or in their twilight years.

No one who has served their country should be worrying about their heating bill. Or finding a few extra pounds a week so that their beloved wife can stay in a care home close enough to visit. Or silently struggling through the day with physical and emotional scars sustained in service.

We are here to help. Our welfare services offer financial, practical and emotional assistance to help our RAF Family in the way that is right for them.

How we help


Stuart said: "I don't like asking for help, but you can't do everything on your own. The RAF Benevolent Fund have been there for my family through the hardest time. I was aware of their work but, of course, you never think you're going to need them – it's been reassuring knowing they are at the end of a phone whenever I have needed them."

The RAF Benevolent Fund adapted Stuart’s home to make it more comfortable and accessible, and provided a specially adapted mountain trike so he could still get out and about with his then four-year-old son, George.

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Here when we're needed 

As we enter our centenary year we know that, sadly, there are tens of thousands more veterans and serving personnel who are struggling and desperately need our assistance but, for a variety of reasons, have not asked, or don't feel able to ask for our help. 

If you are a member of the RAF Family and need our support – or someone you know who is going through a difficult time – please do get in touch. Find out what help is available online, call 0800 169 2942 or email and a member of our Welfare Team will be happy to discuss your challenges and how we might be able to help.

Whether your problem is large or small, practical or personal, we will do our utmost to help you in whatever way we can.

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