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Jack Perry

  • Jack and Mary Perry
    "His burns never bothered me but people did stare"

    Mary Perry met her husband Jack after he was severely burned when his Halifax bomber crashed in 1944. Mary saw past his injuries to marry the handsome 19-year-old Flight Engineer 66 years ago. She tells us why she saw past the disfigurements when others struggled.

  • Jack Perry
    "People coming towards you would weep and cry or walk on the other side of the road"

    When his Halifax bomber exploded Guinea Pig Jack Perry suffered 80 per cent burns to his hands, face, and ears. Jack dedicates a large part of his recovery to Sir Archibald McIndoe and 'the town that didn't stare'.

  • Andrew and Jack Perry
    Father, friend, mentor and Guinea Pig!

    Some will know Jack Perry as the youngest member of The Guinea Pig Club, but to his son, Andrew Perry, Jack is his mentor, friend and above all else, Dad!

  • Guinea Pig Club members at the unveiling of statue honouring Sir Archibald McIndoe
    Statue unveiled for WWII surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe

    The RAF Benevolent Fund's Public Relations Officer Samantha Budde joined WWII veterans and HRH Princess Anne this week for a special ceremony to unveil a statue in honour of pioneering surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe and his 'Guinea Pigs'. Samantha tells us more.

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