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Johnny Johnson

  • Guy Gibson
    Guy Gibson, the essence of good leadership

    Dambusters veteran, Johnny Johnson, during which he imparted his thoughts on RAF hero and commander of Squadron 617, Guy Gibson.

  • Johnny Johnson
    Flying at 100ft: "It was tremendously exhilarating"

    Johnny Johnson, bomb aimer in 617 Squadron on the Dambusters raid, describes his experience during the raid's dangerous low flying training in a recent and exclusive interview with the RAF Benevolent Fund.

  • 617 Squadron aircrew
    "We were not allowed to tell anybody anything"

    Johnny Johnson, one of the last remaining aircrew who flew in 617 Squadron's Dambuster raid, explained in a one-off interview with the RAF Benevolent Fund about the strict secrecy of information that was enforced by Wing Commander Guy Gibson, during the training that preceded the raid.

  • A Lancaster
    That's a hell of a thing to ask

    Dambusters bomb-aimer, Johnny Johnson, explains the difficulties of dropping bombs at low heights and how they led to the introduction of spotlights on the aircraft.

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