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  • Kevin and Sophia Pike
    Sophia and Kevin leapt into love on 29 February!

    After realising they were meant to be, Sophia and Kevin Pike married on 14 February, and celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary today. Kevin tells the Norwich couple's love story...

  • Sally Barber
    Cupid had to shoot more than once for this RAF couple!

    Sally McGlone and her husband met several times before Cupid struck. Here she tells their love story...

  • Marilyn Botham and family
    It was love at first sight – for Arthur at least!

    One chance meeting, two children, six RAF postings, three careers and 44 years later Arthur and Marilyn Botham are still going strong.

  • Mark and Janet Bosanquet-Bryant
    Love is in the air this Valentine's

    Mark and Janet Bosanquet-Bryant met and fell in love at high school and this year will happily celebrate 32 years of marriage. It was only a year into their marriage however, that their lives were turned upside down when Mark severed his spinal cord in an accident that left him paralysed from the neck down.

  • Alan & Ella Morgan
    Even devastating war injuries couldn't keep teenaged sweethearts apart

    Alan and Ella Morgan met as teenagers and promised to wait for each other during the Second World War - 72 years later they are still enjoying married life.

  • Alice and John Burnapp
    Love at first sight and a secret marriage!

    John Burnapp was so smitten with his girlfriend Alice he proposed just a month after meeting her.

  • Beever wedding
    Love blossomed at RAF Uxbridge Theatre Club...

    When Kay's friend suggested she meet a new friend she’d made, Kay was convinced she'd be bored within half an hour. Thirty-seven years later they're still enjoying married life!

  • Jim and Irene
    Valentine's special: Irene and Jim

    In our third Valentine's blog celebrating RAF couples, we bring you the story of Jim and Irene Vidler. Jim was a Battle of Britain veteran who sadly passed away on 10 November 2014. Jim had been married to Irene for 48 years and during that time they never spent a day apart. She tells us why you can never say goodbye to the love of your life.

  • Stuart and Amy
    Valentine's special: Amy and Stuart

    In our second Valentine's blog celebrating RAF couples, we bring you the story of former RAF Corporal Amy Robinson and her husband Stuart.

  • Rebecca and Colin
    Valentine's special: Rebecca and Colin

    This week in the run up to Valentine's Day, we're celebrating RAF couples and today we start with Rebecca Scott and her RAF partner Colin. Although the couple don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day, this Valentine's is set to be different as Colin will be back from a deployment in the Falklands. 

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