Other ways to give

In memory

Whenever we lose someone, it is a tragic experience. However, you can help others by collecting donations in memory of the person who has passed away.

To make a donation in memory of a friend or loved one select an option above. You will be asked for details on the next page.

Theodosiou wedding day

When Denise Theodosiou, aged 91, (pictured above with husband Flight Lieutenant Theodosiou) passed away, her son organised a collection in her memory and set up an online memorial page.

Make a donation in memory

Corporate donations

Who says business has no heart? There are many businesses that generously support our work. Why not join them?

If you are interested in offering corporate support to the RAF Benevolent Fund, we’d love to hear from you.

Opentext donation

Technology company, OpenText, recently made a generous donation of £5,000 to support the RAF family.

Make a corporate donation

Gifts in wills

Much of our work is only possible because people leave us gifts in their will.

We would love to speak to you about leaving a gift in your will of any size. Please call us on 020 7307 3444.

The Barrett-Lennards

Una Barrett-Lennard (pictured above) had a lifelong affection for the RAF because of the support she received when her husband passed away. She wished to give something back and so left a gift in her will to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Consider a gift in your will

There are many other ways to give to the RAF Benevolent Fund, such by cheque or over the phone. Why not fundraise for the RAF family or visit our shop.