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How we operate

The Trust invests in the Holiday Property Bond, a commercial organization with properties that are suitably adapted for the severely disabled.

The objective is to integrate disabled people into holiday developments primarily for the use of able-bodied people in self-catering accommodation where there is a choice between a restful break and full participation in normal holiday and social activities. The Trust undertakes the co-ordination of the holiday reservation process.

The holiday facilities it provides are long-term acquisitions, so funds invested are not spent on one-off holidays – it goes on helping many disabled people year after year. We offer self-catering holiday accommodation free of charge to those who meet the disability criteria and are on a means tested benefit. Those who are not on a means tested benefit will be asked to contribute a nominal amount towards the cost of the holiday. In special cases the trust will make a referral for financial support to the RAF Benevolent fund for travel or other incidental costs.

Once a beneficiary has a holiday with the Trust, they go to the bottom of the waiting list and gradually work their way back up to the top. We aim to offer a holiday every 2-3 years.

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