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Battle of Britain

Commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain which took place between July and October 1940.

The 15 September 1940 was officially named Battle of Britain Day as it was the day when RAF Fighter Command claimed what proved to be a decisive victory over the German Luftwaffe.

On this site you can learn more about the Battle and find out about the defining moments of the conflict on our Battle timeline. You can also watch our video interviews with RAF veterans who took part and read our exclusive Battle of Britain blogs.


Listen to our All Stations podcast

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The second series of our All Stations podcast explores the history of the Battle of Britain and includes real-life accounts from those who took part.


The Hardest Day Challenge

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To mark the anniversary of the Hardest Day, why not take part in our Hardest Day Challenge. What could you challenge yourself to do?


Host your own 8Tea Party

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Organise your own 8Tea Party with your friends and family either virtually or at a social distance to give thanks to those remaining veterans who fought for our freedom.



Watch our videos that include interviews with Battle of Britain veterans who share their memories of the Battle.



  • Groundcrew
    Why it's important to remember The Few

    The Second World War was the most destructive our world has ever witnessed. Cities, whole countries were changed beyond recognition and the outcome of the war still has an impact today.

  • Spitfire
    Five things you might not know about the Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain is seen by many as a defining moment for the RAF during the Second World War. Delivering the first major victory against the German military, it was a fierce battle fought over the English channel and the skies above Britain for air superiority.


Battle of Britain infographic - Ten rules of fighting
Battle of Britain infographic - aircraft
Battle of Britain infographic - In numbers
Battle of Britain infographic - Nationalities of pilots



Please support our RAF veterans and serving personnel through every battle they face.

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Please support our RAF veterans and serving personnel through every battle they face.

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