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World War Two

peenemunde raid

Peenemünde raid – 79 years on

Seventy-seven years ago one of the lesser known but perhaps most important Bomber Command raids of the Second World War took place. The raid on Peenemünde, credited with…

17 August 2020
Pippa Doyle

Phyllis Pippa Latour Doyle: My Story

Once a Special Operations agent acting behind enemy lines during the Second World War, Phyllis ‘Pippa’ Latour’s service means she has been able to continue living…

klet 'The Great Escape Stalag Luft III - From the original drawings made by Ley Kenyon 1943'.

Remembering the airmen of the Great Escape

On the night of March 24, 1944 and into the early hours of the next morning, 76 allied airmen from  German Prisoner of War camp, the Stalag Luft III, made their way…

Remembrance is so important, it transcends everything

For Bomber Command veteran Jack Watson Remembrance Sunday has always been a day of quiet reflection. So this year will be no different, despite the COVID-19 restrictions…

8 November 2020

Second World War veteran honoured with Special Recognition award

Former Bomber Command pilot George Dunn has been honoured with a special award at the eighth annual RAF Benevolent Fund awards. The 98-year-old was given the Special…

Battle of Britain: Unearthing the stories of those who served

As we mark the 80th anniversary of Battle of Britain Day at former Chain Home radar site, Bawdsey Radar in Suffolk, we remember all of those who served behind the scenes…