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How can I keep myself safe from Gambling?

A problem with gambling can not only have an impact on your finances, but your relationships, mental wellbeing and work life can suffer too. If you need to concentrate, but you're thinking about gambling instead, this can have serious consequences for you and the people around you.

It can be easy for people to convince themselves that their gambling behaviour is not the most pressing issue they have to deal with, that if they keep gambling, they will win their money back and their financial worries will be over. Gambling is never the solution. If you think it may be a problem for you, the longer you leave it and continue to gamble, the worse it will become.

GamCare hears from many people who say that their gambling behaviour has led to them lying to the people they care about and created a sense of isolation that they don't feel they can overcome. Some people feel like ending their lives because of how their gambling behaviour has impacted them. It is important to know that you are not alone in this, a range of free and confidential support is here for you.

AnonyMind offer access to a team of caring, professional gambling addiction recovery therapists. All therapy is done through online video calls, you don't need to travel anywhere, and all of your information is kept secure and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

Only spend what you can afford

Always keep in mind that you are more likely to lose the money you stake than you are to win any more. Don't gamble with money that you need for other important things.

Set your limits for time and money

Decide how long you would like to gamble for, and how much money you have to play with, before you begin. When this money is gone, or your time limit is reached, it's time to step away.

Make clear decisions

Emotions like anger, sadness or a feeling of general stress can make it more difficult to make clear decisions. This can lead to you losing money you can't really afford and potentially damaging important relationships. If you're feeling low before you start, gambling won't make you feel any better.

Don't let it interfere with your life

If you spend too much time or money gambling, you may miss out on other important events and activities, including spending time with the people you care about. Keep gambling balanced with other things you enjoy and other social activities too.

Don't try to get away from your problems

Gambling is most definitely not a way to make money or to fix something else in your life that you are not happy with. Some people win big, but this is not as often as it may appear. Over time, the house always wins. Any other problems you have will probably only be made worse if you gamble as a way to get away from them.

Self-help workbook

This resource will assist anyone who has recognised that gambling may be an issue for them. The workbook is designed to help you and allow you to work at your own pace. If at any time you would like additional support, you can speak to the GamCare team.

The workbook is available as interactive PDFs which means you can download the files and then type straight into them, keeping changes in your own device as you go along. You can also print the pages if you prefer.