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Fun fundraising ideas for kids

We have put together a list of some of the best fundraising ideas for kids to help you with your fundraising planning. No matter their age, they’ll have fun raising money for charity.

An Airplay child

Arts and Crafts

Getting creative and adding personal touches to artwork can inspire kids wanting to fundraise for us. From painting to putting together some seasonal gifts, there's lots they can do.

Bake sale

Host a bake sale and get other parents involved to do some baking. Why not choose a theme specific to your fundraising? We recommend Union Flag cupcakes and Spitfire biscuits to fit in with an RAF theme.

Balloon raffle

A simple, engaging activity, is to blow raffle tickets up inside balloons and ask for 50p a go for someone to pop a balloon to find a ticket. Mix winning tickets ending in a 0 or a 5, and random tickets evenly.

Book swap

Why not set up a book sale with their friends and ask for a £1 donation for the purchase of a book?

Dress up party

Everyone loves a dress-up party, host themed games and ask guests for donations.

Easter decorating

Set a price and decorate Easter eggs or why not put together an Easter hamper for your friends and family to purchase?

Face painting

Feeling creative? Set up a face painting stand as part of an event and encourage a small donation!

How many sweets in the jar

Fill a jar with a set amount of sweets with a fee to guess the number of sweets inside, the person closest to the number wins the jar of sweets.

Karaoke night

An easy event for all kids to enjoy, pick a venue and accept donations from those who participate or come along to the event.

Lemonade stand

Looking for a straightforward activity? Set up a lemonade stand, with a small fee for a glass.

Mini Tough Mudder

Set up a Tough Mudder style course in your garden or a field with participants donating.

Paper straws

A pack of straws with a prize written on the end or no prize on some, make a donation, pick a straw and see if you win! Quick and cost-effective.


Why not get your kids to hold a quiz online or at school with everyone making a donation to participate?

Sponsored walk or run

Set a challenge to take on a sponsored walk or run, you pick the distance! Get your kids to encourage their friends to join in and ask for sponsorship money.

Sports day

Have a school style sports day including hurdles, egg and spoon race and ask participants to make a donation.

Talent show

Choose your venue and host a talent show. Participants can take part through singing, dancing, acting, comedy or any other activity to showcase skills.

Treasure hunt

Pick a location and map out your course and clues. Difficulty can be set depending on age!

2Wear it

Organise with your teacher and set a theme of what those partaking should wear, encourage donations for those who take part.

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