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Cause related marketing

Cause related marketing is a fantastic way to link your brand or product with the UK's largest single service military charity.

The benefits of linking a brand with a charity have been proved over time and a recent study of 2,000 people found that:

  • 81% would be more likely to buy a product that was linked with a cause
  • 85% said that they would also have a more positive image of a company that was linked with a cause.
  • 86% of consumers, when price and quality are equal, are more likely to choose a product or business associated with a 'cause'

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The benefits of partnering with the RAF Benevolent Fund are:

  • Increased perception of the 'value for money' and positive perception of your brand
  • Positive local and national PR opportunities
  • Drive customer footfall into your stores, or online engagement and data capture with an innovative campaign
  • Build trust and loyalty of your brand through association with a trusted charity
  • Increase sales, win new customers and retain existing ones

If you would like to find out more about partnering with the RAF Benevolent Fund contact .

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