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Exciting ideas to host your own fundraising event

Are you a veteran or a beginner when it comes to hosting an event? We have put together a list of 15 ideas to get you started when it comes to organising a fundraising event. There's nothing to stop you from getting stuck in, whether you host an auction or find a space to host a cinema night. Our ideas will get you brainstorming and ready to go!

Auction night

Organise a traditional, silent or virtual auction. Contact your local community and ask for goods or experiences that can be auctioned off with the highest bidder winning the prize!

Battle of the bands

Pick a venue and invite bands along with attendees donating to come along to the event. A good way for artists to be heard and a fun night for all involved!

Bingo night

If cup of tea, number three is up your street, then bingo calling might be for you! Sell bingo cards and enjoy a night with your game host calling out numbers.

Casino night

Host a casino night with games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. Encourage guests to dress up with participants making donations for casino chips.

Come Dine with Me

Participants in groups of four all put a set amount into a pot, rate each night and the winner gets to decide which charity the money goes to (the RAF Benevolent Fund, we hope)!

Comedy show

Are you a comic or do you have friends with endless jokes? Invite them along to be part of a night of stand-up comedy where participants can make a donation to enjoy a night full of laughs!

Dinner party

Host your own dinner party with your invited guests to make donations. Why not spice up the night by deciding on a theme, perhaps 1940s?


Are you ready to host an immense event? Speak to your local community and organise a fair day with rides and stalls, the opportunities are endless of what your fair could include.

Fashion show

Partner with a local venue, sell event tickets, encourage volunteers to model and ask local clothing stores to donate outfits.

Local concert

Host your very own live music concert. Decide on a local venue and invite artists to come along with their vocal cords at the ready. Why not share on Facebook Live to reach a wider audience?

Movie theatre night

Do you have a large DVD collection, or have the skills to hook up Netflix? Decide on a venue and host a cinema night. Raise extra funds by having popcorn and snacks at the ready to sell to guests on the night. Please note you will need a licence to do this.

Quiz night

Host a quiz night, either virtually or set up at a venue. Encourage people to participate in teams with the winning team receiving a set prize. Why not use our Battle of Britain quiz for one of the rounds?

Sponsored hike

Ask for donations to go on a hike, and encourage your friends and family to join in. Why not sign up for one of our challenge events like Snowdon24?

Sports tournament

Set up your own tournament - football, rugby or your sport of choice. Encourage participants to get their team together, with entry fees per team and donations can be made by those spectating.

Stair climbing contest

Set a length of time where participants must run up and down stairs - ideally, pick somewhere with lots of stairs!

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