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Spitfire Furniture

Spitfire Furniture is based in Lewes, England and they manufacture to order vintage industrial designed furniture with an aviation theme, as well as lighting with acoustic properties. Collectively the three Founders have worked in the furniture and interiors sector for 70 years!

Their furniture, such as coffee and desk tables, all have an industrial and aviation influence and are created with locally sourced materials from ethical suppliers.

Spitfire Furniture

One of the Founders Mike Morgan comments,

“Many members of my family served in the RAF, so the stories I heard growing up became a fascination for me. When we started Spitfire Furniture, we wanted to bring our combined love of history and engineering together with our love for vintage industrial style. A vintage aviation theme seemed the perfect fit, and then there seemed no better way to pay homage to the inspiration of our ideas and our brand than by working with the RAF Benevolent Fund and supporting the amazing work I’ve seen them do.”

1% of net sales on each product manufactured by Spitfire Furniture, as well as 0.5% of net sales on each product traded by Spitfire Furniture, is donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Visit their website to find out more!