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Who we've helped

Ann Hughes

"The Fund has been like another family to me since my MS diagnosis"

Working in the RAF as a police woman for two decades, being an active runner and taking part in multiple expeditions over the years, Ann Hughes has always taken on…

13 May 2023
Mick Curran

"Without the Fund I wouldn’t be able to do the sport I love"

Archery has been a lifeline for RAF veteran Mick Curran who, after a car accident in 1992, experienced a multitude of health conditions. Thanks to the RAF Benevolent…

28 April 2023
Midge Hartley

“The support from the Fund has allowed me to maintain a feeling of independence and normality”

An unexpected diagnosis of Henoch Schönlein Purpura (HSP) left RAF veteran Midge Hartley in need of home adaptations to support his day-to-day living, because of his…

14 April 2023
Sam Parsley

"The Fund helped me deal with my anxiety and for that I’m very grateful"

When Flight Sergeant Sam Parsley experienced mental health problems, counselling arranged through the RAF Benevolent Fund’s Wellbeing Services helped put him on the road…

12 April 2023

A look at Airplay stations during this years Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

Every year a theme is assigned to Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. Each theme has different objectives, designed to encourage all-round understanding of mental…

9 February 2023
Barriers to seeking help

Making sure the RAF Family gets the help it's entitled to

The RAF Benevolent Fund has teamed up with Middlesex University to carry out research into the reasons why some veterans and their families do not access welfare…

26 January 2023