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Creative fundraising ideas for work

Looking for some inspiration to get your work colleagues engaged with a fundraiser? We have put together a list of the top creative fundraising ideas for your workplace.

Whether you add a buzzword jar in your office to catch out employees or host a lunch and learn to engage colleagues, we have a list to help maximise your fundraising!

Auction of promises

Rather than goods, employees auction off their time, skills or treats to attract bids. For example, making tea and coffees for the week, or the use of a holiday home. The list is endless, simply auction off the promises and the highest bidder wins!

Dress down day

Select a day and invite all employees to join in with a dress down day and collect donations from those participating. You may need to check with HR first!

Employer-matched giving

Ask your company to match the amount either you or your fundraising group have raised.

Host a tea party

Host your own tea party in the office and encourage your work colleagues to bring in some baked goods. Why not sign up to host a Battle of Britain Tea Party here?

Guess the baby photo

Invite your colleagues to submit a baby photo of themselves and ask for donations for people to guess the right pictures. Why not set up a prize for the person who guesses the most correct?

Lunch and learn

The chance for skills and expertise within the business to be demonstrated through a training session or talk, ask colleagues for a small donation to join in.

Masked karaoke

Set up a competition in the workplace, have employees pre-selected who will take on a song, attendees will vote on who is who!

Number board 50 50 raffle

Preselect a winning number and ask people to guess the correct number for a small fee and the person selecting the winning square receives a prize.

Office etiquette

Write a humorous list of annoying habits in the workplace, for example, employees getting a hot drink without asking you! Set a two-hour ban and anyone within your team who breaks the rules must donate.

Office Olympics

Set up creative challenges within the office as an obstacle course, ask all those who participate to make a donation.

Sponsored silence

Set a specific day and time limit within the office and ask your colleagues to sponsor you to stay silent throughout this period.

Sponsor your boss

Collect donations from your colleagues or set a goal amount and when this is raised your boss must work in an area within the organisation that you pick!

Office sports day

Have a school styled sports day, think hurdles, egg and spoon race or a three-legged race. Encourage your colleagues to make a donation to participate.

Swear buzzword jar

Employees donate a set amount when they either swear or say a pre-selected buzzword within the office.


Choose a sporting event that everyone in the office enjoys and put together a sweepstake.

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