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D-Day news

Flight Lieutenant Ben Parkin and Flight Lieutenant Richard ‘Stan’ Stanley

RAF servicemen get set to march 100km in 24 hours for 78th anniversary of D-Day

In honour of the 78th anniversary of D-Day, two RAF personnel have planned a 100km march which they aim to complete in just 24 hours.

31 May 2022
Rose Davies

How radar operator Rose Davies supported the D-Day landings

As D-Day, 6 June 1944 dawned, those who were to play a pivotal part in its success were landing on the beaches of Normandy.

4 June 2021

Why the men of Bomber Command must never be forgotten

Before any troops even set foot on the beaches on 6 June 1944, Bomber Command had already lost almost 300 aircraft and 2,000 men (1,500 killed) attacking invasion…

"Abandon aircraft chaps"

Navigator John 'Jack' Lott had just celebrated his 25th birthday weeks before the D-Day landings, sadly this was the last birthday he would ever celebrate.

Spearheading the attack on Fortress Europe

Spearheading the attack on Normandy was just the start of Geoff Packham's extraordinary experience as the end of the war approached.

Decoys and deception

Decoys and deception were just as much a part of the D-Day campaign as the fighters in the air and the troops on the ground.