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Support for The Guinea Pig Club

The Guinea Pig Club are proud to have had a number of supporters in recent years, helping to raise awareness of the Guinea Pigs and their service during World War Two.

The Guinea Pig Club are proud to have had many supporters contribute to our Book of Gratitude and the Series Three Podcast. To help raise awareness of the Guinea Pigs and their service during World War Two.

Fiona Dolman

Actress Fiona Dolman is a friend of Guinea Pig Jack Perry and has met many members of the Club over the years. Fiona also starred in the play, The Guinea Pig Club.

"I was lucky enough to do a play about the Guinea Pigs four years ago and to meet the surviving members. Theirs is an incredible story of courage, friendship and strength.

"They dealt with what, to most of us, would be unimaginable pain and trauma and yet have a wicked sense of humour which shines through all they do. I am incredibly proud and privileged to call them my friends and I wish them a very happy 75th anniversary! They truly are an inspiration."

Mike Goody

Former SAC Mike Goody served with the RAF Regiment, before he was injured in an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2009. Since then, the Fund has been by Mike's side, providing support during his rehabilitation and more recently as he came to terms with the death of his father. In the aftermath of his injury, Mike was treated by plastic surgeon Dr Alexandra Crick. 

Victoria Taylor

Victoria Taylor is an award-winning Second World War aviation historian based at the University of Hull and Sheffield Hallam University, where she is completing her PhD thesis on the Luftwaffe and National Socialism in the Third Reich. Victoria hosts Episode One and Episode Three of the third series of the RAF Benevolent Fund's All Stations podcast. 

Emily Mayhew

Dr Emily Mayhew is a military medical historian specialising in the study of severe casualty, its infliction, treatment and long-term outcomes. She has written several books, including 'The Guinea Pig Club: Archibald McIndoe, the Royal Air Force and the Reconstruction of Warriors'. In addition to her role in the third series of All Stations, Emily also featured in Series Two of the podcast. 

Alexandra Crick 

Dr Alexandra Crick is a renowned plastic surgeon based at Salisbury District Hospital. She has performed more reconstructive operations on more veterans injured in Afghanistan than any other plastic surgeon in the UK. Her patients include RAF Benevolent Fund ambassador Mike Goody. 

Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry is the son of Jack Perry, the youngest member of the Guinea Pig Club. Jack was a flight engineer on a Halifax bomber when it crashed in 1944 when he was just 19 years old. Jack has been the Club's social secretary for over 40 years which meant seeing fellow Club members with burns and disabilities was the norm for Andrew while he was growing up. 

Amanda Redman

Actress Amanda Redman, who suffered severe burns as a toddler, was treated at the same hospital as the Guinea Pigs and benefited from some of the treatments that were pioneered by Sir Archibald McIndoe.

Amanda says: "The Guinea Pig Club did not hide away from their injuries; encouraged by Sir Archibald they embraced their survival and went on to become an inspiration for future generations."

Falklands veteran Simon Weston

"The Guinea Pigs were an inspiration to me when I was recovering from my injuries after the Falklands War. They visited me in hospital and were living proof that I too would go on to live a full and productive life.

"They were hugely benevolent with their friendship and camaraderie, making me an honorary Guinea Pig and I'm forever thankful for all they have done for me and others suffering from burns."

Jack Ashton

Actor Jack Ashton also starred in the play The Guinea Pig Club.

He says: "The Guinea Pigs are an amazing group of veterans who had to challenge how society treated those with disabilities or disfigurements under the guidance, foresight and outright stubbornness of Archibald McIndoe. Meeting some of them, as part of my role in The Guinea Pig Club play, has been inspiring and eventful.

"They have some of the wickedest senses of humour I've ever known. Their mischievousness is infectious and their sense of fun and lust for life is a joy to behold. I am so thankful for all they have done and all I have learned from them. They are a shining example of courage, resiliency, fortitude and not taking life too seriously. A fantastic mix. I am honoured to know them."