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A message from the chair

A message from the Chair of the RAF Widows' Association – Kerry McNally.

The association's aim is to offer comfort, support, friendship and a special understanding of the problems new widows and widowers are facing. We believe it is useful and reassuring to meet and talk with others who are in a similar position.

Many people are often unsure about joining the Association as they do not know what to expect, I remember feeling a lot of trepidation prior to my first meeting with members of the Association but my fears were ill found as I was met with kindness and friendship and yes there were a few tears but it was lovely to be able to talk to someone who was that little bit further on in their bereavement and to realise that I would eventually 'get through' my grief and bereavement.

Making new friends, having some 'me time', having fun and having a supportive network in times of need all help in reducing that sense of isolation that can sometimes be overwhelming in times of bereavement.

All of us in the Association have one thing in common, we have been bereaved through a death in service or the death of a loved one who was a member of the RAF. Although we share this sadness in our lives, we are committed to helping one another get back on our feet. We cry, we laugh and we have fun.