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What our members have to say

Here are what some members of the RAF Widows' Association have had to say about the association.

"Even with my 'good' experience of the RAF, after being bereaved there were still things I felt could have been done better and the Association gave me a voice in feeding this back to the RAF.

"It was difficult going along for the first time, I so wished I hadn't qualified to become a member of this club."
Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and most of all understanding. It was good to be able to talk knowing that the company wouldn't feel uncomfortable or stop the conversation. The weekend programme was full and varied and I went home having made new friends and feeling there was hope for the future."
"When mum told us that we were going to an air show I couldn't believe it because I had always wanted to go. The whole thing was huge but the parking and everything was well organised and there was loads to look at as you walked along. We were able to meet some pilots and sit in some fighter planes.

"We were really well looked after, all the food and drink was provided, shelter and good seats for watching the flying. Thanks for a great day out and for the chance for all the family to go to the show."
"I admit I dip into and out of the Association as I feel the need. Not being at every event has never made me feel any less welcome at those I do attend, in fact probably the opposite applies. The excellent magazine also keeps me in touch."

Become a member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the RAF Widows' Association, please contact us on calling 0800 456 1150 or emailing