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RAF anniversaries

We regularly run campaigns to highlight key RAF anniversaries. On our anniversary sites, you'll find blogs, video interviews with RAF veterans and historic photographs.

RAF Air Cadets 80th anniversary

Discover the history of the RAF Air Cadets, read blogs from former air cadets and more.


Operation Manna

Learn more about Operation Manna and other humanitarian aid missions carried about by the RAF.


VE Day

Veterans share their memories of VE Day and the celebrations that happened across Britain.


Battle of Britain

Visit our Battle of Britain site to learn more about the Battle that took place during the summer and autumn of 1940.


VJ Day

Veterans share their memories of VJ Day on our VJ Day commemorative site.



Visit our D-Day site to read our blogs and to watch our interviews with D-Day veterans.


The Great Escape

Discover more about the night of 24-25 March 1944 when 76 officers broke out of prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft III.



This special site commemorates Operation Chastise – the daring Dambusters raid of May 16/17 1943.


The Siege of Malta

Learn about the battle that took place on the island of Malta between 1940-1942.


RAF Regiment

Visit our site to explore the history of the Regiment, its squadrons and how it came to be founded.


The Guinea Pig Club

Learn about this group of mostly RAF aircrew who suffered burn injuries in World War Two.


Battle of the Somme

Explore the role that the Royal Flying Corps played in the Battle of the Somme.

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