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A fitting Tribute

Tribute Funds are a lasting way to commemorate your loved one. They can provide a focal point for family and friends to leave messages, share memories, add photos and light candles on birthdays and anniversaries.

If you wish, you can use RAF Benevolent Fund to collect donations, organise memorial events, and revisit it in difficult times when you need comfort.

Why should I choose a Tribute Fund to remember my loved one?

•    Light a virtual candle on those special dates

•    Easily track any donations made in their memory

•    They last forever and provide the opportunity for you to visit whenever that moment feels right. 

It's a simple process to set up your own Tribute Fund and invite family and friends to share their own messages and tributes.

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Tealight candles

Create a Tribute Fund


Further information

If you would like some help with creating your Tribute, please call Charles Bloom on  020 7580 8343 or email