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Natasha Haward

Natasha lost her father David Haward, Group Captain at RAF, to a flying accident in 1998.

At the time, Natasha was only four years old and wasn't massively aware of what was going on. "He was coming down and he hit a telephone wire. I know that he just snow dived into the ground. It was tragic," she tells us.

David Haward

After the accident, Natasha's mother kept David's memory alive within the family by telling stories about him and reminding the family of the nice moments they lived together.

"He lives very strongly still within my family. I get told wonderful things about how close we were and how fond of me he was. That's really beautiful," says Natasha.

"I think it is the hardest thing sometimes not necessarily growing up without a father, which is difficult, but not knowing who he was and not knowing that relationship. And, knowing that you had one you just can't remember it," Natasha adds.

Natasha Haward and dad on mountain top

The RAF Benevolent Fund helped Natasha and her family during their biggest moment of need. Twenty years later we are still helping the family so that they support Natasha's future. Natasha is hoping to pursue a career as an actress.

"I'm at drama school and they are still helping me now which is incredible, and I'd like to thank them for that," says Natasha.

You can watch Natasha telling her story in the video below:

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