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"Airplay is an amazing place to meet new friends and try new things"

Airplay member Connor McLoughlin tells us what he's missing about his youth club, which is closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Connor usually attends Airplay at RAF Valley.

RAF Valley Airplay Youth Club is an amazing resource to make new friends and try new activities. The trips that the club offers are amazing, as you get the opportunity to go to astounding places.

RAF Airplay Valley Connor Pandemic Covid-19

Unfortunately, due to the recent restrictions because of Coronavirus I cannot go, therefore I am not able to beat my high score on Guitar Hero. This for me is very annoying, as I have made many good friends at the club and not being able to see them for a long period of time is disappointing.

The club offers activities that will set you up for later life, such as baking, Easter egg hunts and much more. The leaders give up a lot of their time for it and I am very thankful.

They make the activities more fun and they support you if there is an issue. We also do some more 'silly' activities as playing games, playing at the basketball court and tennis with eggs. It's a real shame the summer activities are no longer running.

At home I'm spending my time playing tennis with my family and doing school work.

I do hope this can carry on after the quarantine is over.

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