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Airplay members stay connected during lockdown

Airplay members at RAF Benson have stayed in touch during coronavirus restrictions using the new Airplay Connect digital platform. In this blog members tell us how COVID-19 has impacted their lives…

Skye: "I have explored Airplay Connect a little while helping my younger sister sign in to the online sessions. I enjoyed looking through the gallery and seeing people I knew from my current and past stations. It reminded me to get in contact with old friends and stay connected. I am interested to see what else is on there."

RAF Benson Airplay Connect Covid-19 Restrictions RAFBF

Lucy: "I have recently moved up in to inters from juniors and I am really enjoying it. I joined in in the letters to veterans project and had my letter published in the local newspaper."

Jessica: "Coming back to youth club felt weird at first as we aren't used to wearing masks and keeping our distance from each other. It is really good to be back and I understand that online sessions are necessary at the moment to keep all of us safe and to keep our youth workers safe. I really like it, it's fun! It was nice to have a little break but so glad to be back!"

Finlay: "I am used to video calls due to the school work we have done online and it is safer to do youth club this way for now."

Harry: "I like doing youth club online because it gives me the chance to connect with friends from youth club and it is much safer for us all. It's kinda cool but kinda bad, I am looking forward to normal sessions."

One member Alfie realised his dream to become an author and wrote a book during lockdown.

He explained: "During the first lockdown I decided to be an author because I like writing and to write about my life so far, what I like to do and what I have done. I would like to write children's books not chapter books, with really good pictures in.

"In the first lockdown I wrote my own book about losing my favourite teddy - Elephant that I have had since I was a baby. I have lost him a few times, mainly when we have been on holiday. One time being on holiday last year I left Elephant on the bed, the maid who cleans the sheets took Elephant with the washing and she gave him a clean in the washing machine!

"After writing it I then got my nana to help do the pictures and turn it into a book which I can't wait to show my Station Youth Worker and my friends at Airplay."

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