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How my RAF Regiment training has helped me during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Queen's Colour Squadron shares many core values with the RAF Benevolent Fund and has a rich history of directly supporting its charitable endeavours. Most recently, this included a display the Fund’s Join The Search. Change a Life. centenary campaign launch.

In this guest blog, SAC Sam Lake explains how his experiences with the RAF Regiment have taught him to cope with the uncertainty that the coronavirus pandemic has brought.

Queen's Colour Squadron COVID-19

Reflecting on my own personal experience of the last couple of months, I've come to realise that my RAF Regiment training has helped me approach and cope with the COVID-19 crisis in three main ways.

First, completing training exercises and operations has taught me to prepare for the unexpected. During these unprecedented times, we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic might have on our mental health.

Higher anxiety levels, for example, can be related to a person's perceived lack of control of the situation. My training has helped me to cope with the changing environment in a calm manner, which means that I can offer help to those who need it most.

Secondly, the general discipline that is gained from working in the RAF Regiment has helped me to maintain a daily routine. A disciplined approach to each day has also benefited my mental wellbeing on a personal level.

QCS covid-19 rafbf

I have set myself realistic targets, such as running 35-40 miles each week, to maintain my physical wellbeing whilst challenging myself mentally by reading and using brain training apps on my phone.

Finally, the RAF Regiment's places a key emphasis on teamwork – a value shared with our partner, the RAF Benevolent Fund. This has enabled me to support key workers, family members, and the wider community.

The RAF has demonstrated how important teams are to the success of projects, and this is one such unprecedented project where it’s vitally important that everyone works together to achieve a common goal.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, please read more about our wellbeing services for the veteran and serving communities.

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