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Virtual Airplay keeps the spirits up at RAF Cosford

Fifteen-year-old Tesni Miles tells us what lockdown is like for her and how the youth leaders have been working hard to keep Airplay sessions fun. Everything from smores to pizzas and hedgehogs to life skills has been keeping them busy!

None of us have ever been in this situation before, all stuck at home and unable to go outside and meet up with friends. Because of the pandemic youth club has unfortunately had to stop face-to-face meetings but has been able to go virtual.

Every week on Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm seniors have had online sessions with Cosford and Boscombe Down youth club. In those sessions we do arts and crafts like snow globes and cooking. So far we have made pies, smores, pizza, pancakes and cookies. We have also joined in with quizzes like trivia quizzes with specific topics such as hedgehogs, Australia and jokes. We also learn life skills and general socialisation with Victoria and Lydia.

This is extremely helpful as social interactions are extremely important to our mental health and it is crucial that we keep our hopes and spirits up as we face this worldwide emergency. We have all really enjoyed these sessions as they are different every week and it's good to reconnect with our youth leaders once more. We really miss them and appreciate the hard work and effort that they put into making these sessions possible.

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