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We always have a laugh at Airplay

Young people from RAF Lossiemouth's senior Airplay group tell us what their time together means to them…

We are part of senior group of Airplay, RAF Lossiemouth. We enjoy Airplay because we can see others like ourselves, feel at home and respected and it is relaxing.

We are also able get away from pressure. We enjoy the activities and to talk about things we can't at home. We wish that we could go back to the regular sessions, because they were cut down by half an hour, but we are still loving the time we have at Airplay.

We also love how the staff are kind and able to talk to us when we are down or something bad has happened. Also, we love the fact that the staff ask us what we want to do instead of instructing us. We always have a laugh at airplay.

Our favourite trip was when we went to Aberdeen trampoline park for a sleepover. Even though there was no heating and we didn't sleep we had a great time by laughing to warm us up.

By Sophie Cairns, Holly Taylor, Jessica Dennison, Ben Scott, Daniel Ruickbie.

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