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RAF Halton team posing with medals at finish

RAF Halton team take part in Tough Mudder challenge for Fund



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On Saturday 18 May, a team of 13 RAF Halton personnel took part in the Tough Mudder challenge to raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

The team consisted of phase 1 instructors, aged 28-41, from RAF Halton who all work within different departments in the Recruit Training Squadron (RTS).

Corporal Abbie Watts has been an instructor within RTS for the past three years; she is now in her 13th year of service in the RAF. Abbie said: “I’ve always wanted to run a ‘Tough Mudder’, and last year I gathered a team of 13 likeminded instructors to commit to the London West event on 18 May. We entered the 10+ mile course with over 20 obstacles to tackle.”

She continued: “We’re all relatively active, as enthusiastic gym-goers or playing sport within the service, so we just ensured our fitness levels didn’t drop.

“We all loved the various water obstacles they had such as ‘Arctic Enema’, which was located near the end of the course where you plummet down a slide into dirty ice water before having to swim under a row of tyres. As well as the ‘Cage Crawl’, where you’re on your back with a small gap between the water level and a cage, having to drag yourself along to the other end.

“As it was fairly warm weather over the weekend it was quite refreshing between runs to the next obstacle. There are so many different obstacles we all enjoyed and really put our teamwork to the test!”

The Halton team all raised money for the Fund totalling over £800. 

Abbie said: “The RAF Benevolent Fund has helped a few of us, so it’s definitely a charity close to our hearts.”

You can find out more about how to fundraise here