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Navigating the complicated benefits system



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It can be difficult to navigate the complicated benefits system, whether you are currently serving or retired, especially when the need comes at a stressful or challenging time in your life. The RAF Benevolent Fund's benefits advice and advocacy team can help beneficiaries through every step.

This was true when a former Corporal made the decision to leave the RAF and was expecting to receive a lump sum on her departure. The Corporal was aware she would be fully reliant on the welfare benefits system when her RAF wage ended, until she had found another job.

As the single parent of two, she found the uncertainty around her benefit entitlement very stressful and before she left the RAF, sought the advice of the Fund's benefits team.

The benefits advisor carried out several checks based on the Corporal's personal circumstances to predict her entitlement to benefits both while she was still receiving her RAF wage and for the period when it would have ended and the lump sum would be paid to her.

The benefits advisor informed the Corporal she was entitled to £1,100 per month to support her with general living costs, rental costs and providing for her children. This would rise to £1,500 per month once her RAF wages ceased and was payable despite the lump sum as the first £6,000 is disregarded when looking at entitlement to Universal Credit.

This advice provided the Corporal with clarity on what her financial position was likely to be on leaving the RAF so she could make informed decisions when considering affordable rentals and helped her budget for her and her children's welfare.

If you wish to check your benefit entitlement or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Benefits Advice Team by emailing or calling us on 0800 169 2942.