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Service Day's Pay Giving

A small donation from your pay makes a massive difference.

The RAF has a long and proud tradition of looking after its own. You can play your part by giving through Service Day’s Pay Giving to the RAF Benevolent Fund. The charity will also be here for you personally, if you ever hit a difficult patch in life.

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"The RAF Benevolent Fund is there to help you, your families and dependants. It's a fantastic charity. It's going to be there to pick you up if you fall down. And by donating to the Fund, you'll be giving back to the RAF community which is so important."

Rob Bugden, Former RAF Parachute Jumping Instructor

How we use donations to help the RAF family

Rob Bugden RAF Benevolent Fund AmbassadorRob Bugden, Former RAF Parachute Jumping Instructor

Individual and station grants - for example, when something urgent crops up which requires immediate financial help.

Emotional wellbeing - to help people find their way through times when life feels very hard

Wellbeing breaks - for example, to give someone with PTSD some peace and quiet by the sea

Independant living - to enable people who are ill or injured get the best out of life

Family support - for example, to help RAF children who are missing a serving parent who’s away

Transition to civilian life - for example, by helping with the cost of retraining after a medical discharge.

All of this help is available for everyone who is serving, your spouse or partner, and any dependent children. Much of it, along with extra services, is here for you for your whole life – even after you’ve left the RAF or retired. 

How do I sign up? 

Simple. Just click the sign up button below, fill in the form and we’ll do the rest. A monthly donation – equivalent to 64% of one day’s pay, spread over 12 months – will then
be deducted by the RAF. You’ll see it on your pay slip as ‘Service Day’s Pay Giving’. Your first deduction will normally commence from next month's pay.  

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And don’t worry, if you ever need or want to stop your contribution, it’s easy. Just submit a JPA E014 Form to do this.

If you're not currently serving in the Royal Air Force but would like to donate through your payroll, please visit Payroll Giving.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about donating through your pay please email us at

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