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The Hardest Day Challenge

18 August - 1 November 2020

Take on the #HardestDayChallenge to help commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

The Hardest Day Challenge

The Hardest Day was an air battle fought on 18 August 1940 during the Battle of Britain between the Luftwaffe and the RAF. It was one of the largest aerial engagements in history and both sides suffered heavy losses.

To mark this significant air battle, why not take part in our Hardest Day Challenge on Tuesday 18 August.

How it works



Dream up your challenge. This can be anything that you find hard. It could be doing a set number of press-ups, completing a Rubik’s Cube or running/cycling/swimming your furthest distance or even baking that recipe you always thought you could never do.

The best bit about this challenge is that what you do is completely up to you.

Remember to take a video or photo of you completing your challenge and post in on social media. 


Donate £5 to show your support to the RAF Family and commemorate 80 years since the Battle of Britain.

It's thanks to your donations that we can be there for the RAF Family in need.

Make Your Donation



Don't forget to tag some of your mates to nominate them to take on the Hardest Day Challenge. We'd also love for you to tag us @rafbf and #HardestDayChallenge so we can share in your achievements. 


You can let us know you're planning to take on the Hardest Day challenge by registering your interest.   



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