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RAF Dependants Fund

What is the RAF Dependants Fund?

RAF Reservists

The RAF Dependants Fund was created in 1967 between the Royal Air Force and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. The scheme provides the dependents of RAF personnel, including widows, widowers, dependent children, or other nominated beneficiaries, with an immediate payment of up to £17,500 should the subscriber die.

This payment is tax free and does not form part of the estate of the deceased. The grant is paid for any cause of death, on or off duty.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

All members of the RAF, regular or reserve, are eligible to subscribe to the RAF Dependants Fund.

Regular RAF personnel and FTRS personnel (not including those on attendance-based pay) are eligible to subscribe by completing a RAF Form 7230. The 50p subscription is deducted through their payroll. Guidance on the scheme can be found in AP7005 Leaflet 105.

For all other members of the RAF Reserve, a bespoke F7230 has been produced and is contained within AP 3392 Vol 7 Part 2 Chapter 51. RAF Reserves not paid monthly by payroll will be required to pay £6 by Standing Order on an annual basis.

How quickly will my family receive payment should I die?

The payment is made as soon as possible after notification of the death via the Joint Casualty & Compassionate Centre (JCCC) – normally within 48 hours but earlier if all the required information is available. Arrangements for the reporting of death for Reservists on active service is the same as for Regulars.

The death reporting process for those not on active service will be more protracted and this may cause a slight delay. The process is detailed within AP3392 Vol 7 issued by Reserves Support at HQ Air Command and if advice is required Res Sqn Cdrs and unit administrative staff should contact RAF Dependants Fund Manager at RAF Brize Norton – 95461 ext 6608 or 01993 896608 or by email at

Essentially, if a RAF Reserve subscriber to the RAF Dependants Fund dies whilst away from active duty, a family member should inform the Reserve authorities as soon as possible so that follow-on action can be taken to ensure swift payment of the grant.

How do I apply to the scheme?

All regular RAF members are briefed about the scheme at the main points of entry to the RAF: Initial Officer Training at RAF Cranwell and Recruit Training Squadron at RAF Halton. Forms are issued for immediate completion and the majority take up this opportunity. 

Those who wish to apply at a later date should complete RAF F7230 and forward them to: Manager RAF Subscriptions, Station Welfare Facility, RAF Brize Norton, Carterton, Oxon OX18 3LX.  Electronic versions can be returned to

RAF Reserve personnel should contact their unit/squadron administrative staff if they wish to subscribe or receive further information. 

For further information about the RAF Dependants Fund contact your Unit administration staff or contact RAF Subscriptions Manager on 01993 896608 or via

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