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Injury and Death in Service

We're here to help if you are faced with a death or disabling injury while serving in the RAF.

Jacqui ThompsonWhen Jacqui Thompson's husband, Gary, was killed in Afghanistan, we were there for Jacqui and her five daughters.

We know it can be hard to cope, especially when grieving a loved one or making a challenging lifestyle adjustment, with the added stresses you may be experiencing from a difficult housing or financial situation.

That's why we'll take a look at your unique situation and work with you to find the best solution.

In addition to providing help via the RAF Dependants Fund, in general, we can offer help with immediate needs, retraining and housing if:

  • your partner dies while serving in the RAF
  • you are medically discharged from the RAF
  • you are currently serving in the RAF and your partner or child has a severe disability that requires specialist supervision

Immediate needs and retraining

If you or a partner has suffered an injury or long-term sickness whilst in Service, we may be able to assist with an Immediate Needs Grant to help you with any immediate needs you may have, such as travel costs. We work closely with RAF Stations to ensure that help reaches those who need it, so you can apply for help via your Chief Clerk or PMS staff.

Read how we helped Kevin Ogilvie and his family when he was injured in Afghanistan.

We also provide Transition Grants to those being medically discharged to help them find employment, and we receive applications from the RAF Personnel Recovery Unit. Alternatively, please enquire about receiving help or call our free support line on 0300 102 1919.


We can help out with your housing needs if your partner dies while serving in the RAF leaving you with the care of dependent children, or in the event of a medical discharge linked to severe disability and prevention of long-term employment.

There are two ways in which we provide financial assistance for housing:

1. If you are able to raise 51% of the price of a property out of savings, compensation or insurance payout, we can lend you the rest of what you need in order to make the purchase. We do this by securing the money we lend you as a mortgage against the property. When the house is sold, for whatever reason, the mortgage must be paid off first and you receive whatever remains of the sale amount, once all other secured borrowings have been paid.

2. The second option is that we purchase a property for you through our Housing Trust. Together with you, we find the most suitable property in the right location. Then we purchase the property, adapt it as necessary to the level of your disability, and rent it to you at an affordable rate which is reassessed annually. Currently, we own around 245 properties, this fluctuating from year to year as we sell properties that are no longer needed and purchase new ones where and when they are needed.

The best way to make an enquiry is through your Unit PMS staff. Alternatively you can enquire about receiving help or call our free support line on 0300 102 1919.


If your child plans to pursue a first degree or similar qualification, you may be eligible for an annual RAF Benevolent Fund scholarship of £3,000.

For further details about how we can help with educational expenses for your children, please contact us.

If you don't satisfy the criteria outlined above, there may be other forms of financial assistance we can provide.

Enquire about receiving help or call our free support line on 0300 102 1919.

Welfare breaks

We understand that during a traumatic time involving a life-changing injury or bereavement, sometimes a break can provide some respite and a change of environment.

We can offer welfare breaks at our Seaside Cottages, or through the RAF Disabled Holiday Trust for those with a severe disability. The FAB scheme can also provide breaks for bereaved military families.

Enquire about receiving help or call our free support line on 0300 102 1919.


Join The Search. Change A Life.

We've launched a new campaign to reach RAF veterans – who may need support – to get the help they deserve. Do you need help or will you join the campaign by telling us about someone you know who could benefit from our help?

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