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Paying tribute to a Bomber Boy

Donald Hodge a Lancaster mid upper gunner in Bomber CommandDonald Hodge served in the RAF as a mid upper gunner on Lancasters from 1943-44. He passed away in December 2011. His son, also Donald, is attending the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial to pay tribute to him and all those who gave their lives during the war. Donald tells us more in this blog.

Like most men of his generation my father didn’t talk about his time in Bomber Command until much later in life, when I think it probably dawned on him that he was lucky to have survived his full tour of duty. 

It was only then that he mentioned what it meant to be a part of a team, and how important each man was on the Lancaster Bomber.

I feel that the brave men of Bomber Command should have been recognised for the tremendous bravery shown by them, many just boys, at a time when our country needed them most. 

If my father could have been at the unveiling I know he would have been so proud of all his comrades, knowing that finally they are being shown the respect they so deserve.

When my father passed away we agreed as a family that it would be a fitting tribute to Dad, rather than floral tributes, to invite contributions to the Memorial Fund, raising £600.

Personally I am looking forward to meeting with the veterans, and I will pass on my heartfelt thanks to them for their incredible bravery, and to let them know that my generation have not taken what they did for granted. 

God bless them!

By Donald Hodge

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