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RAF Regiment

  • Queen's Colour Squadron on COVID-19.png
    How my RAF Regiment training has helped me during the COVID-19 pandemic

    SAC Sam Lake explains how his experiences with the RAF Regiment have taught him to cope with the uncertainty that the coronavirus pandemic has brought.

  • Stuart Robinson
    RAF veteran to serve his country again – on the rugby pitch!

    Former RAF Regiment Gunner Stuart Robinson prepares to do battle for his country again this time on the rugby pitch as part of a strong Great Britain squad competing in the Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Australia. In this guest blog Stuart, also an RAF Benevolent Fund Ambassador, tells us about the squad's preparations.

  • Dave Capps
    The RAF Regiment and the Falkland Islands

    Corporal Dave Capps proudly served as a Regiment Gunner for more than 22 years, serving in a number of conflicts including Ulster, the Falkland Islands, the first Gulf War and Bosnia. His squadron was one of the last to leave the Falklands.

  • Former Lance Corporal Darren Kamara
    The Regiment is like having a second family

    Former Lance Corporal Darren Kamara served in the RAF Regiment for seven years between 2006 and 2013, completing two tours of Afghanistan and one tour of Iraq. An injury sustained while on duty ended his RAF career and Darren has since forged a successful career as a photographer.

  • Former Flight Lieutenant Carl Harding
    "It's only afterwards that it really hits you – you nearly got killed there"

    In 1942, the RAF Regiment was formed as an integral Corps within the RAF aimed at providing combat support and defence to the RAF bases and overseas operations. It was the Gunners that carried out these specialist and often dangerous operations across the globe.

  • Bill Espie
    Comrades for 46 years and counting

    This year marks the 75th anniversary of the RAF Regiment and in this guest blog, Bill Espie tells us about his experience in Northern Ireland and the impact that being part of the RAF Regiment has had on his life.

  • Steven Brereton Martin
    "The RAF Regiment is a brotherhood"

    Steven Brereton Martin has spent 32 years of his life in the Royal Air Force, 29 of them serving with the RAF Regiment. From Scotland to Singapore, he has been deployed all over the world but for Steven, one thing is certain – the support and camaraderie of his fellow Gunners.

  • The RAF Regiment celebrate 75 years
    "An honour to work alongside the RAF Regiment"

    As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the RAF Regiment, RAF Benevolent Fund Controller Air Vice-Marshal David Murray pays tribute to those who have served, and still serve, in his latest blog.

  • Ray Pelcot
    The military soul of the RAF

    The Dhofar Rebellion took place between 1969 and 1976 when rebels attempted to overthrow the ruling Sultan. A number of RAF Regiment Squadrons were deployed to protect the main airfield.

  • Corporal John Taylor
    A brave young World War Two Gunner

    The Second World War produced many a tale of daring deeds, heroism and bravery amongst the newly-formed RAF Regiment. In this, their 75th year, we look back at one young, courageous Gunner who was awarded two medals for gallantry.

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