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Battle of Britain

The vital role women played in the Battle of Britain

Codebreakers, codemakers, balloon barrage operators – the roles for women during the Second World War were as varied as they were vital.

'Operation Leg' – a pilot unlike any other

Douglas Bader was a Battle of Britain pilot unlike any other. Medically discharged against his will in 1932, the outbreak of the war was an opportunity for Bader to re…

5 August 2020
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"Darling just got VC. Don't know why"

With those simple words, telegraphed to his wife Muriel, Flight Lieutenant Eric "James" Brindley Nicolson downplayed the magnitude of his award. 

"We knew we were outnumbered...but the pilots still went into the skies to protect us"

As a member of the ground crew of 609 Squadron, the late Stan Hartill saw first hand the bravery and sacrifice of the Battle of Britain pilots.

Polish pilots came with a fearsome reputation

As the Battle of Britain wore on, the critical shortage of trained pilots became more and more apparent and In July 1940, the RAF announced it would form two Polish…

Ground crew

Squadrons of the Battle of Britain: No. 601 Squadron

There was no squadron quite like No. 601 Squadron at the beginning of the Battle of Britain. The squadron was wholly ordinary in some aspects but extraordinary in others…