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  • Further vandalism to the Bomber Command Memorial

    We are extremely disappointed and saddened that the Bomber Command Memorial has once again been subjected to vandalism. Work is currently underway to remove the graffiti.

  • Lancaster
    Researching the Dambusters raid

    John Sweetman is the author of the recently published book, The Dambusters Experience. Learn about his research into the history of Operation Chastise.

  • Ben Elephant

    The RAF Benevolent would like to introduce you to a very special friend of ours – Ben Elephant.

  • Support for the Bomber Command Memorial

    Following the vandalism at the Bomber Command Memorial, we have been very pleased to witness a wonderful outpouring of public support and generosity. Dean Benton, our Director of Marketing and Communications, tells us more.


    Poppy plantingRAF Benevolent Fund staff help plant poppies at the Tower of London for the 2014 poppy installation to commemorate WWI


  • Vandalism to the Bomber Command Memorial

    The RAF Benevolent Fund is the proud guardian of the Bomber Command Memorial in London. It saddens everyone here that anyone would see fit to paint graffiti on such a magnificent monument.

  • Fundraising in Lossie

    At RAF Lossiemouth, an intrepid group of fundraisers have been working hard to support the RAF Benevolent Fund. They were recently winners of an RAFBF award in recognition of their dedication. They tell us more in this blog.

  • Pilot runs Paris marathon

    Group Captain Tim Below is working as an exchange officer with the French Air Force and has run the Paris marathon for the RAF Benevolent Fund. Tim tells us more in this blog.

  • Dame Judi Dench pays tribute to the Bomber Boys

    Last night, Dame Judi Dench paid tribute to the thousands of young men from Bomber Command who were killed during the Second World War when she visited the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London.

    Press Release

  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Stephen Clark from Combat Stress tells us more.

  • Airplay programme report

    New report reveals the positive impact of charity's programme supporting young people from military families.

    Press Release

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