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Remembrance is never far from my thoughts

David Rose spent 31 years in the RAF as an engineer before being medically discharged in 2018. David is now based at RAF Honington as one of the RAF Benevolent Fund's…

What Remembrance means to me

RAF Benevolent Fund Controller, Air Vice-Marshal Chris Elliot, calls on us all to encourage the next generation to remember the lessons of the past and the sacrifices of…

11 November 2020

Remembrance is so important, it transcends everything

For Bomber Command veteran Jack Watson Remembrance Sunday has always been a day of quiet reflection. So this year will be no different, despite the COVID-19 restrictions…

8 November 2020

"I'll be standing silent for Vic"

Remembrance is a time to stop and think of those who fought for our freedoms. Officer Cadet Josh Rowles, from Bristol University Air Squadron, tell us what Remembrance…

6 November 2020

"It was such a waste of life"

For 103-year-old Second World War veteran Rose Davies, Remembrance is a time to pause and reflect on the loss of war.

"I will remember my grandfather and all my comrades who lost their lives"

Today, Remembrance Sunday, Squadron Leader Mike Waring will join thousands of others as they line the streets of London to pay their respects at the Cenotaph.

11 November 2018