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The Siege of Malta news

Keith Park

How Air Vice-Marshal Sir Keith Park helped to save Malta

Seventy-five years ago, Malta stood firm resisting attacks from the air and sea during the Second World War. German and Italian forces lay siege to the Mediterranean…

Rafbf roundel

'The Falcon of Malta'

Fighter pilots from the Royal Air Force played a critical role in the defence of Malta during its siege 75 years ago. One of the most renowned pilots was Canadian George…

Rafbf roundel

George Cross awarded to the island of Malta

Malta is also known as the George Cross Island, holding the distinction of being the only entire population to receive the bravery award.

Operation Pedestal

"By the time we arrived the island had suffered massively and was practically on its knees"

During the Siege of Malta, the island had been at the mercy of the German and Italian bombers until Allied ships and aircraft arrived to reinforce their defences.