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  • Jen Kelly
    Helping the RAF Family to maximise their income

    In this edition of our advice blog, Welfare Benefits Advisor Jen Kelly outlines how the RAF Family can make sure they are maximising their income, particularly in relation to Council Tax.

  • Chris Gillan
    RAF veteran produces centenary gin to return support given to him

    Lord Trenchard Gin was launched to mark the RAF's 100th birthday by veteran Chris Gillan, in honour of the service's first Chief of the Air Staff Hugh Trenchard, 1st Viscount Trenchard.

  • Gordon and Mabs Simmons
    "Care support has taken the weight off of our shoulders"

    Last year we spent £476,424 on care-home top-up fees ensuring our elderly RAF veterans and their partners can live in comfort and dignity into their retirement years. This is just the case for veterans Gordon and Mabs Simmons. As part of National Carers Week, we spoke to their son Adrian about how our help has impacted their life.

  • Cameron Tweedle and Ben Elephant
    Pedal power v air power to mark RAF's centenary

    A team of sailors will take on a team of RAF cyclists across a 100-mile course to mark the Royal Air Force's 100th anniversary, tomorrow.

  • The winners of our RAFBF Awards 2018
    High flying supporters recognised at RAF welfare charity's annual awards ceremony

    A celebration of supporters was held last night at the RAF Benevolent Fund's annual awards ceremony, in London.

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  • Baz Dale
    My centenary moment – saving lives within the golden hour

    As the RAF marks its centenary year, the Fund looks to celebrate its own RAF heritage by sharing the centenary moments of some of the RAF veterans who have switched serving Queen and country for serving the RAF Family. Baz Dale, Regional Director Scotland and Northern Ireland, shares his 'centenary moment'.

  • The Blades 2018 team
    High flying Ambassador unveiled

    Red Bull Air Race pilot and aerobatic flying ace Ben Murphy will be helping the RAF's leading welfare charity reach more people this year, as an Ambassador for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

  • Mary Stopes Roe
    Was the Dambusters raid a success?

    In an exclusive interview with Mary Stopes Roe, daughter of bouncing bomb inventor Barnes Wallis, we asked her for her thoughts on whether the Dambusters raid was a success.

  • WWII Lancaster aircraft
    "Powerful waves shone out silver in the moonlight"

    Although significant losses were sustained by 617 Squadron on the Dambusters raid of 16 and 17 May 1943, the damage that the Lancasters inflicted on their targets was also great. A number of German civilians gave their accounts of what unfolded in the minutes and hours after the raid.

  • Dennis Goodwin
    "Dennis' unstinting work made life easier for so many"

    The RAF Benevolent Fund would like to add its tributes to the many which have been paid to World War One Veteran's Association founder Dennis Goodwin.

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