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  • Sqn Ldr Phil Holdcroft alongside his wife, Beth and daughters Isla and Bella
    Helping little Isla's family

    Learning of his daughter's cancer diagnosis confirmed Sqn Ldr Phil Holdcroft and his wife Beth's worst nightmares. Their youngest daughter Isla now had a gruelling fight on her hands to overcome leukaemia and endure the aggressive treatment that would follow.

  • Charity football match marks its third year in memory of Andy Hallam
    Annual memorial football match raises more than £10,000 in three years

    For Phil Hallam, 28, loss is something he has been struck with twice in his relatively short life. The passing of his mother and then later his brother was devastating, but when Phil received a letter along with a cheque from the RAF Benevolent Fund, it eased some of those initial financial pressures.

  • David's father, Andrew
    Cyclist rides to remember his RAF father and WAAF mother

    For David competing in RideLondon was a poignant challenge, undertaken in memory of his parents who served with the RAF.

  • Jack and Mary Perry
    "His burns never bothered me but people did stare"

    Mary Perry met her husband Jack after he was severely burned when his Halifax bomber crashed in 1944. Mary saw past his injuries to marry the handsome 19-year-old Flight Engineer 66 years ago. She tells us why she saw past the disfigurements when others struggled.

  • Robert 'Mac' Mathieson, member of the Guinea Pig Club
    "Archibald McIndoe did change my life, he made life worth living"

    At 22-years-old, Robert 'Mac' Mathieson was left blinded when his Lancaster's windscreen suddenly exploded. Due to the nature of Mac's injuries, he was treated by the pioneering plastic surgeon Archibald McIndoe, becoming one of his 'guinea pigs.'

  • Ali Fisher on her Ultra Marathon
    Flight Sergeant Ali takes on a year of challenges charity

    Flight Sergeant Ali Fisher of RAF Marham, is no stranger to physical feats. This year however sees her completing a year of challenges, all in aid of the RAF Benevolent Fund and The Royal British Legion.

  • Guinea Pig Jan Black
    "The friendships I made with the Guinea Pigs will live with me for the rest of my days"

    Guinea Pig Jan Black was 20-years-old when he arrived in Belfast on a freighter carrying meat, provisions and 180 volunteers from Buenos Aires. His dream was to become an RAF pilot. Two years later, the only survivor of a plane crash, he was left fighting for his life with terrible burns.

  • Martin Dallison on his trek for charity
    Martin goes the distance with 100km trek for charity

    After being diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal prostate cancer in the autumn of 2014, Martin made the brave and inspirational decision to take on a 100km trek, all in aid of charity.

  • Jack Perry
    "People coming towards you would weep and cry or walk on the other side of the road"

    When his Halifax bomber exploded Guinea Pig Jack Perry suffered 80 per cent burns to his hands, face, and ears. Jack dedicates a large part of his recovery to Sir Archibald McIndoe and 'the town that didn't stare'.

  • John Miles
    "The Club will go on until the very last one of us finishes his journey's end"

    At 88 years old, John Miles is the only remaining post war Guinea Pig. In 1951, John was on a basic training exercise when the Harvard he was flying crashed and caught fire. Due to the nature of his injuries, John was treated at East Grinstead Hospital, where he met Sir Archibald McIndoe.

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