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Statement: Bomber Command Memorial damage

The RAF Benevolent Fund is shocked and saddened to see the Bomber Command Memorial in London's Green Park has once again become a target for vandals, for the fourth time in six years. At daybreak it was discovered that white gloss paint had been thrown at the Memorial, some of which is still wet.

Update on the damage

We have been overwhelmed by the public's response to the vandalism carried out at the Bomber Command Memorial on Sunday night.

Bomber Command Memorial clean up

Countless offers of support have come in to help us clean up the Memorial. The incredible generosity of our supporters has seen more than £11,000 in donations made to help cover the costs of the repair work.

The clean-up team were on site first thing this morning to begin the task of removing the paint and will remain at the Memorial in London's Green Park until works are completed.

About the damage

Paint had been splashed across the entire Memorial, including the statue of eight Bomber Command crew members which stands at its centre, the marble plinth it stands upon and the surrounding Portland stone.

Another memorial in the park was also targeted.

Chief Executive of the RAF Benevolent Fund David Murray said: "The RAF Benevolent Fund is proud to serve as guardians of the Memorial, built to commemorate the 55,573 members of Bomber Command who died in its service during the Second World War.

"This is the worst example of vandalism we have seen at the Memorial and it is utterly heart-breaking to see the memory of all those brave airmen disrespected in this way. This despicable act took just moments but will take considerable time and resources to put right. But like the remarkable men who the Memorial commemorates, we will not rest until we have finished the job.

Bomber Command Memorial

"CCTV footage from the area has been passed to police to assist with their investigation."

The full cost of repair work is yet to be determined but is likely to run into thousands of pounds."

The RAF Benevolent Fund's work to protect the legacy of the Bomber Command veterans sits alongside its role at the RAF's leading welfare charity – providing assistance to serving and retired personnel and their families. The cost of such remedial work is over and above the annual maintenance budget and diverts funds away from this primary mission.

Supporting the Bomber Command Memorial

For further information about the Bomber Command Memorial or to make a donation to support its upkeep, please visit our Bomber Command Memorial website.

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