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"We miss seeing our friends"

Airplay is the RAF Benevolent Fund's flagship youth support service, where youngsters come to spend time with their peers, share their problems and smash watermelons! Airplay youth worker Sarah White explains how the fruit was used for special effects during their recent film school.

Sarah White, Station Youth Worker, said: When Airplay reopened in High Wycombe before Christmas, we ran a five-week film school which taught young people how to make a short film. They learnt about the history of films, fight choreography (socially distanced) how to make punching sound effects with a watermelon and rolling pin and how to make realistic fake blood.

The youngsters learned different types of camera angles and how to shoot them, and how to edit their movies. The young people had a great time and their films were amazing! During the final session I asked some of our young people to write about what Airplay means to them.

Zoe age 10

I love going to Airplay and all the activities because the staff and people that go there are super nice. Today Sarah (a staff member) found a card that I made when I was seven. It brought back so many memories from when I first joined. I made friends and so did my brother, so I was really sad when lockdown struck.

I still enjoyed doing it on Zoom, but it wasn't the same. I was very happy when mum said that they were doing a film club so that we could see everybody. It was so fun and I really hope that we can all get back together soon.

Hector age 11

Lockdown was very hard for me. It was very bad that I couldn't go to youth club but months after I could finally go back to youth club and even make a movie! It helped me entertain myself and it is so much fun.

Abdullah age 10

I have been going to youth club for three years - it has been great. I have had three different youth club leaders and they are all lovely. They have lots of fun trips to do that we can't go on at school. I was sad in lockdown, I missed youth club as it’s the only time I can speak to friends without using phones.

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