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Bomber Command Memorial

Iconic Lancaster marks 80 years in the sky

Today marks 80 years since Roy Chadwick's invention of the Avro Lancaster took its first flight.

Remembrance is so important, it transcends everything

For Bomber Command veteran Jack Watson Remembrance Sunday has always been a day of quiet reflection. So this year will be no different, despite the COVID-19 restrictions…

8 November 2020

Why the men of Bomber Command must never be forgotten

Before any troops even set foot on the beaches on 6 June 1944, Bomber Command had already lost almost 300 aircraft and 2,000 men (1,500 killed) attacking invasion…

6 June 2019
Rafbf roundel

Bomber Command Memorial top tourist site

This week, the Bomber Command Memorial at Green Park was voted London's most popular tourist attraction according to Trip Advisor. Mike Neville, our Chief of Staff, tell…

Rafbf roundel

Remembering the heroes of Bomber Command

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund is proud to be working with the Bomber Command Association towards the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial on June 28 2012.