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Grants to other organisations

Sitting at the heart of the RAF Family we are pleased to be able to provide financial support to external organisations delivering demonstrable positive change and tangible assistance to members of the RAF Family.

Veteran Sarah

We also run a separate grant funding programme to support activities and capital projects for serving RAF personnel and their family members on RAF Stations/Units. Find out about our RAF Station Grants Programme.

Our External Grants programme supports other organisations with the cost of delivering activities and services to the RAF Family. To be eligible the activities or services must be directed at the ex-service community specifically and be able to demonstrate that they deliver added value to that community. In addition, applicants must be able to demonstrate that funded activity delivers outcomes for the RAF Family in line with our impact framework, a copy of which can be found in our guidelines. 

Funding Streams 

Our External Grants programme is split into the following funding streams:

  • Small Grants stream: funding of up to £5000 is available for projects and activities that can demonstrate that they deliver at least one of the welfare outcomes set out in our Impact Framework. The Small Grants stream is a rolling programme and decisions on applications will usually be made within a month of receipt. 
  • Large Grants stream: funding of between £5000 - £25,000 is available for projects and activities that can demonstrate that they deliver/have previously delivered measurable links to more than one of the welfare outcomes set out in our Impact Framework.  The Large Grants funding stream is managed by the Grants Committee and sits quarterly in February, May, August and November. The cut-off date for each quarter is three weeks prior to the first working day of February, May, August and November. Any applications received after this point will be considered at the following committee. In periods of high demand, we reserve the right to delay any application to the subsequent committee.

Outcome Reporting 

It is important that applicants can demonstrate the positive outcomes of their activities or services for the RAF Family both in their application and in their post-grant outcome report if they are successful in receiving funding. These outcomes must align with at least one of the outcomes listed in the Fund impact framework. For larger grants, it is essential that applicants can demonstrate their impact using a recognised outcome measurement tool. For more information and best practice on outcome reporting, we recommend this helpful guide from the Benefact Trust.  All grantees must provide a post-grant outcome report in line with the terms and conditions of their funding. 

Application Process & Forms  

The programme is closed in 2024 as we review and consider its future. To discuss applying in 2025 please contact  the programme manager Irene Greenwood on 0207 307 3436 or email  as this is no longer an open rolling programme and application forms cannot be downloaded from the website. Please do not re-use old application forms as they will not be accepted.